Virus Removal/Malware Removal

Internet is a great place for information with millions of websites. It is an endless pool of knowledge. But it has also become a place full of shady websites that tries to infect your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile with viruses. As the world is becoming more and more digital, the chances of virus attack on computer and laptops have greatly increased. All devices are at the risk of virus infection. The new viruses are more advance and can easily bypass the security of anti-virus software. If your computer’s performance is uneven, like strange Windows messages, anti-virus software disabled automatically, slow computer performance or difficulties in accessing common websites, then it might be infected with a computer virus.


The viruses are getting increasingly sophisticated and targeting an enormous number of computers gradually, thus putting systems at risk of becoming a victim. Strangely operating computer, suspicious ads and popups or sudden slowing of processes are usual identifiers of an infected computer. Some might argue that an anti-virus software would act against such threats, but in most cases, this is not a fix. With our in-house anti-virus utilities, we can get rid of all malicious files and get your system back in good shape without affecting your files. Our processes are targeted to malware files, hence saving you from losing your files or having to reinstall the programs after a clean-up. Post virus clean-up, we install an anti-malware software to protect you from future threats.

Sources of infection


Your computer can be an open target for malware in numerous ways. Click ads, spams, free applications and fraudulent anti-virus software are a perpetrator of such malware. Most of these sources download and install files to your system under the hood and then start infecting your computer.


Malware Removal


Malware are programmed to disguise as files on your computer and embed themselves into the directory, making it hard to identify and detect. Special tools are required to identify and filter such files that are performing suspicious activities on your system and corrupting its ability to operate. Our team of virus removal experts undertake a robust approach to make your computer virus free and protect you from future threats.

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