Windows Installation/Repair

Windows is a very popular computer operating system around the world. Many computer and laptop manufacturing companies choose windows as their default operating system. It’s easy to use interface makes it a prime choice for personal and office use in many countries. But at times the windows files are corrupted due to virus or malware infection and thus the windows operating system stops working properly. To overcome this, either the windows operating system must be repaired or it must be reinstalled. Dell Care Centre can help you get your windows operating system working properly back again. Windows operating system installation is also required when you want to upgrade your laptop’s operating system to a high version.

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Windows operating system is the most commonly installed and used operating system in personal computer and laptops in India. Almost every new laptop or computer comes with the latest available version of Windows on them. The ease of its usability makes it the most used operating system in both homes and offices. But sometimes, the windows on your system can malfunction due to several reasons like virus infection, accidental system file deletion, third-party software errors and so on. This leads to windows corruption and the only possible solutions are Windows repair and Windows installation.

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